A biofilter is a device that is used to biologically purify waste gas from pollution, especially volatile organic substances, odor substances, but also some inorganic pollutants. The principle consists in imitating and intensifying the processes taking place in natural conditions, collectively known as self-purification.

Biological purification using a biofilter is economically more advantageous compared to physical-chemical and chemical processes at the same efficiency. Biofiltration is an environmentally friendly and especially waste-free method for cleaning exhaust air.

Principle of a biofilter

Biofiltration is an effective method based on the use of microorganisms capable of biodegradation or biotransformation of harmful substances. The polluted air passes through a biofilter filled with porous material covered with a layer of biomass. When the gas passes through the biofilter, the pollutant is captured and transported into biomass and subsequently biodegraded into non-toxic substances (carbon dioxide, water and in the case of inorganic substances to their oxidized forms or their use in the formation of new biomass.

Removal of contaminants by biological degradation occurs only under conditions that allow the growth and biodegradation activity of suitable microorganisms. Biodegradation conditions that can be easily influenced to a certain extent include air temperature, air humidity, pH of the substrate or re-circulating fluid, and a continuous supply of contaminants and mineral nutrients. The Biofilter for air purification can be implemented in output variants ranging from 100 to 100,000 m3 / hour, in the case of water treatment 1-100 m3 / hour.

The biofilter can be used in the following areas:

  • Paint shops, laminate shops
  • Parts degreasing,
  • Manufacture of plastics,
  • Manufacture and processing of colors
  • Pharmaceutical production,
  • Cleaning of inert gas from the chemical valves flushing
  • Elimination of odors,
  • Remediation technologies,
  • Printing houses,
  • Food industry.

The biofilter is suitable for normally degradable contaminants:

  • Petroleum hydrocarbons,
  • BTEX compounds
  • Less chlorinated hydrocarbons,
  • Alcohols, ammonia,
  • Hydrogen sulphide,
  • Methyl mercaptans,

Biofilter is not usable for:

  • Rremoval of PAHs,
  • PCB,
  • More chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Approved Technologies:

  • DEKONTAM-AIR (SZÚ decision No. CHŽP-35-143 / 99 (1016) Ex: 191555 of 20.10.1999),
  • HUMIN-AIR (decision of SZÚ No. CHŽP-35-309 / 03 (101) Ex: 3020635 of 24.6.2003).

DEKONTA, a.s. provides the following services in the field of a biofilter delivery:

  • Turnkey biofilter, including project development, actual delivery, commissioning, as well as securing of all related measurements,
  • Supply of fillings to existing biofilters and their biological recovery,
  • Biofilter designs and implementation of pilot verification tests,
  • Optimization of biofilter operation (testing of different types of biofilter fillings, optimization of operating parameters),
  • Servicing and maintenance of biofilters.


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