Air Emission & Odour Treatment

We care about the air you breath. At DEKONTA we study all the possibile solutions in order to provide a comprehensive portfolio: 

  • Activated carbon regeneration systems
  • BIO-TREATMENT SYSTEMS (Biofilters, Biotrickling filters)  
  • Regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Catalytic oxidizer
  • Wet scrubbers

Our best-selling devices are BIO-TREATMENT SYSTEMS thanks to our patented technologies and a full package service:

  • design according to your site specific conditions
  • pilot-scale tests at your site
  • manufacturing, delivery, installation, maintenance & air emission monitoring 
  • supply of fillings to existing biofilters and their biological recovery

How does work biofiltration?

Biofiltration is a biotechnology that uses specific bacteria embedded in a biofilter bed to treat a contaminated gas-off. The pollutants are adsorbed into the bed and subsequently degraded by the microorganisms mainly to CO2, H2O, inorganic salts and biomass. Any oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon monoxide (CO) are generated. Biofilters are suitable to treat off-gas contaminated with VOCs (volatile organic compounds), undesired odours and some inorganic pollutants:

  • aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX, styrene, etc)
  • alcohols (methanol, ethanol, etc.)
  • esters
  • aldehydes
  • ketones
  • amines
  • organic acids
  • mercaptans
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen sulfide
  • and other substances


Typically, biofilters are wide used in the following industries or sectors:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Biomass and bio gas purification
  • Rendering and animal breeding
  • Oil and asphalt
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment  & Waste Solid Treatment plants
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment  & Waste Solid Treatment plants
  • Paint & Coating
  • Fiberglass production and plastic manufacturing
  • Paper & Printing
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic
  • Textile
  • Tobacco


Biofiltration is economically more advantageous compared to the physical-chemical and chemical processes at the same efficiency. Unlike conventional technologies such as thermal and catalytic incineration, scrubbing or carbon adsorption, bio filtration is:

  • efficient (with full degradation of the contaminants)
  • environmental friendly & safe (transforming pollutants into harmless products, waste-free and no combustion sources)
  • cost-effective (low Capex and Opex)

Approved Technologies:

  • DEKONTAM-AIR (SZÚ decision No. CHŽP-35-143 / 99 (1016) Ex: 191555 of 20.10.1999),
  • HUMIN-AIR (decision of SZÚ No. CHŽP-35-309 / 03 (101) Ex: 3020635 of 24.6.2003).