Regeneration of Activated Carbon Filters


If your company has installed granular activated carbon (GAC) filters for waste gases and odours treatment, we provide a containerized unit to regenerate when it should be normally disposed.

Advantages are enormous:


  • The reuse of the GAC cuts off the cost related to the disposal and its associated liabilities and the

continuous purchase of new product.

  • Approx. up to 95% of the previous adsorption capacity is achieved and the GAC can be regenerated many times.
  • Thanks to this eco-friendly technology, less solid waste is produced..

The regeneration is carried out with superheated steam at temperatures up to 350 ° C. This allows a thermal desorption of the GAC without pyrolysis or combustion, therefore no burnout or opal GAC is produced and the porous surface area is not damaged, thus the performance of the regenerated GAC remains the same. Our system is able to treat 500 kg of GAC in a 8 hours shift! The unit consists of one 20’ and a 40’ containers. To confirm the possibility to regenerate your GAC send us a sample. We will carry out a test and

perform the determination of the iodine number according to the ASTM D4607-14. The iodine number is connected with the “activity” of the AC and it is widely used as a quality control parameter in production and reactivation of AC.