Biofiltry Slovensko

Biofilter with air washer for removing odour compounds from the waste air from the composting hall operated by KOMPALA company

Klíčová slova

air emissions treatment

Popis projektu

Installation of the biofilter for removing odour compounds from the composting hall of the company KOMPALA, a.s. Prevailing contaminants of the purified waste air mass are hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, mercaptan and other disulphides. The equipment is made out of a composite material – i.e. fibre-glass laminate with self-supporting structure and sandwich system of profiles regarding peripheral walls and bottom (total width 3-5 cm, polyurethane inside); inner partitions, built-in items, filter-bed grates etc. are made out of fibre-glass laminate combined with hardened plastic material. The biofilter is equipped by primary scrubber where the air run through an infilling of filtration corpuscles sprinkled from above by water. The water circulation secures a circulating pump. The precleaned, coold and dampened air is fed into the biofiltr body. Here the odoriferous substances are biologically decomposed. Parameters: Volume of purified air (flow): 13 000 m3/hour Incoming air pre-treatment : air washer – passage through NH3 inlet concentration: about 10 mg/m3 TOC inlet concentration: <50 mg/m3 Efficiency of biofiltration: < 80%

Typ služeb

  • Project documentation elaboration
  • Project management
  • Production of the equipment
  • Assembling
  • Installation
  • Testing



Hodnota zakázky

120,000 EUR

Počet zaměstnanců DEKONTA

16 staff-month

Funkce zaměstnanců

Radim Zebrak - Project Manager

Jan Vanek - Project Supervisor



Přidružení konzultanti / subdodavatelé

POLA Enterprises, Neratovice


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors