Remediation of environmental burdens caused by pesticides in the Republic of Moldova, II phase

Klíčová slova

pesticides, POPs, hazardous waste, safeguarding, export, disposal, training, capacity building, risk assessment, moldova

Popis projektu

Funded by the Czech Development Agency, this project consisted in the repackaging of 200 t of obsolete pesticides gathered in the various central district warehouses, export and final disposal. After the completion of the works DEKONTA proceeded with cleaning up of warehouses and verification of residual contamination on sites and assessment of residual risks. The project involved experts from the Ministry of Environment and relevant institutions. This ensured the necessary transfer of know-how in the field of POPs management.

Typ služeb

DEKONTA was responsible for the following tasks:
  • Verification of the legal framework for handling of hazardous wastes – obsolete pesticides in Moldova, their export from Moldova, transit and import transport to the country of final liquidation (in hazardous waste incinerator). Acquirement of all the necessary permits.
  • Elaboration of the Implementation and safety project for the hazardous waste inventory and characterization, it’s repacking and loading.
  • Hazardous waste inventory and characterization.
  • Development of the sites for the waste repacking and loading.
  • Repacking of waste into suitable and certified containers for shipment (according to ADR standards).
  • Temporary storage of the repacked pesticides.
  • Loading and shipment of the waste through transit countries to the country of final liquidation
  • Manual and machinery clean-up of the former storehouses for pesticides, removal of contaminated construction materials and soil.
  • Investigation of the residual contamination in the remediated storehouses and their vicinity


Moldova / Singerei, Oniscani, Pelivan a Papauti

Hodnota zakázky

850,000 USD

Počet zaměstnanců DEKONTA

75 staff-months

Funkce zaměstnanců

Jan Vana - Project Manager

Ivo Hlasensky - Site Manager


Czech Development Agency
Nerudova 3, 118 50 Praha 1

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Kontaktní osoba

Mgr. Jan Cernik
Tel: +420 251 108 171


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors