Support for Overcoming of Consequences of Herbicides/ Dioxins in Vietnam

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POPs, monitoring, capacity building, vietnam, dioxins, hotspots

Popis projektu

The project focused on two hotspots, the former military bases Bien Hoa and Phu Cat in Vietnam. These airbases were highly contaminated with Agent Orange / dioxins during American-Vietnam war. The overall objective of the project was to ameliorate any threat to the health of the inhabitants and the environmental damage resulting from dioxin contamination. In the framework of this project, long-term environmental monitoring plans for both hotspots were developed and high-tech systems of monitoring were constructed. These systems included network of monitoring hydrogeological wells, location for innovative (passive) methods of surface water monitoring using SPME technology and system of ambient air quality monitoring. In parallel awareness campaigns and capacity building activities were implemented.

Typ služeb

  • Project Management
  • Development of the conceptual site model for both sites
  • Design and set-up of the monitoring plan
  • Drilling and construction of monitoring wells
  • Groundwater, surface water and air sampling
  • Capacity building and transfer of equipment and know-how related to dioxins/POPs sampling, incl. SPMD method
  • Report writting


Vietnam / Bien Hoa, Phu Cat

Hodnota zakázky

520,000 USD

Počet zaměstnanců DEKONTA

56 staff months

Funkce zaměstnanců

Ondrej Urban - Project Manager

Fernando Rebelo - Environmental Expert

Jan Kukacka - Sampling Specialist


Czech Development Agency
Nerudova 3, 118 50 Praha 1

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ALS Czech Republic, DWW

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Mr. Frantisek Zouhar
Tel: +420 251 108 171


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors