Capacity Building for Major Accident Prevention in Georgia, Georgia


capacity building, legal & environmental consultancy

Project description

Project is being funded by the Czech Development Agency in the framework of the Czech Official Development Assistance Program. Specific goal is to strengthen the legislative and technical capacity of Georgia in regard to “Major Accident Prevention” (MAP). The Project will create the preconditions for the future systemic addressing of MAP issue at the appropriate international level in accordance with the EU regulations and also with the UNECE TEIA Convention (Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents).

Type of services

  • Mapping the current applicable legislation and the databases
  • Mapping the competences of and the activities carried out by specific offices
  • The preparation of a list of recommendations for harmonising the existing legislation with the EU legislation and the relevant multilateral environmental agreements
  • Preparation of the draft law
  • The preparation of the draft methodologies and MAP inspection procedures at industrial plants
  • Preparation of the sampling methodology
  • Delivery of basic sampling and detection equipment
  • The training of trainers in the field in the sampling and inspection procedures
  • The training of trainers of methodology



Value of the contract

325,000 USD

Staff functions

Mr. Vojtěch Musil - Project Manager

Mr. Jan Vanek - Project Supervisor


Czech Development Agency
Nerudova 3, 118 50 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Associated consultants / subcontractors

TLP,s r.o

Contact person

Mr. Jan Cernik
Tel: +420 251 108 171


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors