Recultivation of sludge lagoon at Moravany by means of solifification/stabilization technology


sludge lagoon, recultivation, reclamation, solidification/stabilization

Project description

Goal of the project is to recultivate former sludge lagoon site at Moravany (Slovakia) that was used in the past as dump site of drilling sludges contaminated by oil hydrocarbons by Nafta Co. Purpose of the recultivation was to close the lagoon site in line with Slovak/EU standards. Dekonta implemented first phase of recultivation that included sludge solidification/stabilization.

Type of services

Sludge solidification & stabilisation



Value of the contract

483,337 EUR

Number of staff provided by DEKONTA

20 staff-months

Staff functions

Ondřej Urban - Project Manager

Jan Vanek - Project Supervisor


AVE CZ Pražská 1321 Praha 10

Contact person

Mr. Roman Jerie
Tel: Tel.: +420 602 208 563


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors