Biofiltration is filtration process where the pollutants are biodegraded. It is a widely used solution compared to the physical-chemical and chemical processes at the same efficiency. Unlike conventional technologies such as thermal and catalytic incineration, scrubbing or carbon adsorption, biofiltration is:

  • Efficient (full degradation of complex mixtures of pollutants);
  • Environmental friendly & safe (transforming pollutants into harmless products, waste-free and no combustion sources);
  • Cost-effective (lower investment and operational costs).

DEKONTA’s biofiltration technology has won the EU “Seal of Excellence” a quality label awarded by the EC.

  • We provide a full package service:

    • Design according to your site specific conditions (reinforced concrete, plastic or stainless steel containers);
    • Pilot-scale tests at your site;
    • Manufacturing, delivery, installation, maintenance & air emission monitoring;
    • Supply of biobed (biofilter filling + biopreparate) to existing biofilters;
    • Reconstruction of non-functioning biofilters.