Diskový peletizér

Converting fine-grained waste to granulated material. Hazardous waste to non-toxic product.

Pelletizing process

Disc pelletizers are used for granulating of fine-grained materials (such as dust, powder, fly-ash, slurry, sludge etc.).

This process results in the production of pellets with the diameter of 4 - 20 mm. Suitable binder (such as cement, lime, bentonite etc.) can be added to the treated material to improve mechanical properties of pellets. The produced pellets can be subsequently processed, recycled or safely disposed.

Disc pelletizers are typically used for granulation of fly ash, filter dust, sludge and slurry, fine-grinded ores and minerals, fine-grinded chemicals.

Equipment description

The rotary disc of a pelletizer is connected to a swinging steel frame. The disc is driven by an electric motor and a gearbox. The inclination of the rotary disc can be easily set-up by a hand-operated screw lever.

Fine-grained material intended for pelletizing (pre-mixed with suitable binding material - if necessary) is fed to the rotary disc where it is humidified by water sprayed through adjustable nozzles. As a result of snowball effect, pellets (granules of fine-grained material) are generated and compacted inside the rotating disc.

Finished pellets flow over the rotating disc edge to a discharging chute and a belt conveyor.

To prevent sticking of fine-grained material to the pelletizer, easily replaceable scrapers are installed inside the rotary disc.

The diameter of produced pellets can be controlled by inclination and rotation speed of the rotary disc.


Disc pelletizers are typically used for granulation of the following materials:

  • Fly ash (electric power plants, heating plants, incineration plants)
  • Filter dust (metallurgy, manufacture of glass, foundry plants, engineering plants etc.)
  • Sludge and slurry (wastewater treatment plants, engineering plants, paint shops etc.)
  • Fine-grinded ores and minerals (mineral processing, metallurgy, ceramics, building materials etc.)
  • Fine-grinded chemicals (fertilizer, chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc.)

Technical parameters

  • Capacity: ranging from 0,5 to 8,0 tons of treated waste per hour
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: from 1,45 to 3,71 m
    • Width: from 1,16 to 2,91 m
    • Height: from 1,55 to 3,84 m
  • Electric input power: from 1,5 to 7,5 kW (depending on the designed capacity)

Client support services

  • Laboratory testing (suitable additives determination, physical-chemical properties of pellets)
  • Pilot-scale verification
  • Designing and permitting
  • Installation of pelletizing equipment and start-up operation of pelletizing plants
  • Staff training
  • Maintenance