Review of ESIA package for 400 kV Overhead Line (OHL) Lastva Grbljanska–Pljevlja, Montenegro

Klíčová slova

ESIA, environmental and social due diligence

Popis projektu

Funded by EBRD, the main goal of this project was to perform a review of ESIA Scoping report, ESAP, SEP and other EHS related documents of the 400 kV Overhead Line (OHL) Lastva Grbljanska –Pljevlja Project and the elaboration of the land resettlement plan according to the EBRD requirements.

Typ služeb

  • Site visits
  • Data collection
  • Report preparation


Pljevlja, Montenegro

Hodnota zakázky

60,000 EUR

Funkce zaměstnanců

Pavle Vesely - Project Manager

Jan Vanek - Project Supervisor


European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN

Kontaktní osoba

Mr. Ian Brown
Tel. +38163233954


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors