Improved Petroleum Recovery (IPR) Project – Assistance on implementing ESAP and independent assessment of deliverables for lenders


ESAP implementation consultation, ESAP assessment

Project description

Funded by the EBRD, this project aims at assessment of the IPR "Environmental Investments" namely evaluation of the ESAP implementation status and identification of key operational, technical and financial constraints to a timely and satisfactory delivery of required outcomes. Consultation and assistance will be, also, provided in identifying required practical actions to achieve compliance with ESAP actions, and the initial and ongoing ESAP activities will be supervised to ensure their scope and content would satisfy EBRD requirements. Moreover, IPR will be provided with necessary guidance and coaching throughout the implementation and monitoring of required ESAP actions. As well, disbursements requests for the ESAP Committed Funds will be verified, to be allocated as a portion of committed but undisbursed loan amount. Among the IPR assets, the focus is on those that are currently under operation by IPR comprising Alamein Yidma in the Western Desert; North July in the Red Sea and South West Jebel El Zeit in Gulf of Suez. In short, throughout this project implementation of the previously agreed ESAP will be accelerated, further management activities and investments required to achieve the EBRD standards will be promoted, and a regular, independent and objective assessment of the ESAP implementation and its progress will be provided to the EBRD.

Type of services

Consultancy services


Arab Republic of Egypt

Value of the contract

199,295 USD

Staff functions

Pavel Vesely - Project Co-ordinator



Associated consultants / subcontractors

ELARD, Consortium member, Lebanon; AMEASTER, Consortium member, Egypt