MIP-IN concept

Validation of the MIP-IN concept under different conditions & environments


site investigation, site clean-up, research and development, oil hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons

Project description

The innovative MIP-IN device combines (1) detection of pollutants by membrane interface probe (MIP) and (2) a simultaneous correlated injection (IN) during direct push of the device using a drilling machine. The MIP-IN device is the basis for a new detection-injection technology with the main advantage of the nearly simultaneous coupling of detection of pollutants at a certain depth and injection of a suitable amount of reactive agent at that precise spot. In this way, the injected reagent is more targeted towards the real location of the pollution with reduced remediation time and cost. Since the end 2013, the MIP-IN device is being further developed and tested within the MIP-IN EUROSTARS-project (E!8246 MIP-IN) where VITO (Belgium), Ejlskov (Denmark), Dekonta (Czech Republic) and Ecorem/ABO (Belgium) cooperated. The main goals of the MIP-IN EUROSTARS project are to (1) improve the MIP-IN device, (2) validate the MIP-IN device in relevant environments and define boundary conditions, and (3) develop an innovative MIP-IN based remediation strategy closely linked with site investigation, based on MIP data interpretation.


Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark

Value of the contract

270,200 EUR

Number of staff provided by DEKONTA

24 staff-months

Staff functions

Jan Kukacka - Project Manager

Jan Vanek - Project Supervisor

Fernando Rebelo - Sustainability Expert


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS),
Karmelitská 7
118 12, Praha 1 Czech Republic

Associated consultants / subcontractors

ALS Group

Contact person

Mr. Josef Martinec
E-mail: josef.martinec@msmt.cz
Phone: +420 234 811 512


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors