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Air Purifying and Ventilation Cooling Unit (APVECU)

Dekonta is working in the area of population protection against terrorist threats, in cooperation with two Israeli companies –Supergum Industries Ltd. and IsraTeam Ltd,  with bilateral funding from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, and ISERD, Israel’s official government interface with the European Commission for R&D related matters.

More info at Jerusalem Post 

10 Anti COVID-19 DAF2 devices have been delivered to Bosnia&Herzegovina

10 #DAF2 (anti COVID-19 disinfecting devices) have been provided to some vulnerable communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We have received already many positive feedback from the hospitals where they have been used. The DAF has been developed by Dekonta in collaboration with the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our DAF!
We thank the , @CARE International Balkans for the help in the implementation of the project.
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Environmental investigation and risk assessment at Vulcăneşti's Moldelectrica

Our new project in Vulcăneşti (Moldova) is about environmental investigation at 400/110 / 35 kV electrical substations. Here, in 1979 approximately 1000 capacitors exploded, which led to long-term soil contamination in the area affected by Persistant Organic Pollutants like PCBs and PCDD / F. (dioxins). Based on the results of laboratory and risk analysis, a feasibility study to find an appropriate solution to the contamination will be carried out. This project is funded by the Czech Development Agency - CzechAid.

Here the detailed article in Czech.

October 2020

Dekonta won the prestigious SDG Award 2020 for the contributions 

At the event organized by the Association of Social Responsibility, we have been awarded with the SDGs Awards 2020 for innovative contributions in the field of global sustainable development, thanks to our constructed wetlands projects in Cambodia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Remediation of the dump of the former Hajek quarry with an innovative technology

Interviewed at the Czech Radio (Český rozhlas ), our Technologist Tereza Hnátková, specialized in constructed wetlands, explains the innovative application of such technology to remediate the groundwater pollution at the Hájek quarry, nearby Karlovy Vary, in the Czech Republic.

The project has been co-financed from the European LIFE program with a total budget of 80 million CZK. The site has been used as an obsolete pesticide landfills. There are around 40 of such sites in Europe and they represent a serious environmental burden.

Environmental investigation at INCEL in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite complications due to the #COVID epidemic, #Dekonta began the environmental investigations at #INCEL (the industrial area of ​​Banja Luka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina) in July. This is a project coordinated by United Nations Development Program - UNDP, the aim of which is to verify the extent of #PCB pollution and quantify health and environmental risks. The main output will be a proposal for the remediation of one of the most significant outbreaks pollution of #POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

August 2020

Remediation of a former railway sleepers impregnation plant

Dekonta has been implementing the remediation (= decontamination) of a former railway sleepers impregnation factory in the Czech Republic.

Innovative advanced methods are being applied:
- bioaugmentation (combination of composting with biodegradation),
- photochemical oxidation of groundwater and chemical oxidation of the unsaturated zone in-situ using Fenton's reagent.

With the help of these technologies, soils and groundwater are decontaminated from polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Rehabilitation works at the site include construction and demolition, as the planned blasting of the old factory chimney.
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July 2020

COVID-19 fundraising for ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague)

Dekonta is among the companies that managed to collect 607,000 CZK to be donated to the # ČVUT (Czech Technical University in Prague) for the development and production of aids that help in the fight against # COVID19 

June 2020