Brownfield revitalization

At Dekonta, we provide our clients with solutions for a sustainable reuse of brownfields.
What is a brownfield?
It is any previously developed land used for industrial or commercial purposes that is not currently in use due to a known or suspected presence of hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants.
Brownfields are unjustly overlooked, but a promising location suitable for more popular future use. However, with regard to their industrial history, it is necessary to take certain steps to eliminate possible pollution of environmental components or to remove the environmental burden.
We offer a comprehensive range of services addressing all steps leading to the transformation of the brownfield into an unencumbered environment suitable for further development. This is thanks our team of experts, extensive technical background and up-to-date equipment and machineries.

Offered services:

  • Comprehensive advice on the issue, including the possible use of major grant programs
  • Basic evaluation of the selected locality and its pre-construction condition survey (site passporting)
  • Survey of pollution of structures, soils and groundwater (asbestos, petroleum substances, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Disposal of all types of waste
  • Complete engineering related to remediation work and demolition
  • Demolition of structures and objects
  • Rehabilitation work (soils, groundwater, structures)
  • Earthworks and landscaping
Dekonta transformed already dozens of brownfields into valuable properties.
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