Demolition & Earthworks

Skilled, experienced and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, DEKONTA, a.s. provides complete services in the field of demolition and decommissioning. Each job is meticulously planned, managed and executed, meeting the highest health and safety industry standards.

We offer full site-decommissioning services including waste management, demolition, recycling and disposal, hazardous material abatement, remediation and reclamation.

Specializing in demolitions of concrete, reinforced concrete and brick buildings of any size, we deliver efficient results for projects of every scale and complexity, anywhere in the CR. Depending on the characteristics of a construction to be demolished, we use specialized demolition and earthwork techniques.

Mechanical demolition

For mechanical demolition work we employ hydraulic shears and hammer mounted on heavy machinery. Such technology can be used for all types of structures, as long as local space conditions allow, in particular:

  • Concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or combined structures, including foundations
  • Steel structures
  • High-rise buildings and chimneys
  • Bridge structures

We always carry out all demolition and earthwork with regard to the environment, including recycling of materials whenever possible and the environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous waste.

Gradual demolition using small machinery:

In case that heavy demolition machinery cannot be used, e.g. due to space limitations, in inaccessible buildings or in densely built-up areas, structures can be demolished using small machinery, such as mini-excavators.

Gradual demolition is particularly suitable for:

  • Demolition of a part of a building
  • Demolition inside a building
  • Demolition of high-rise structures
  • Demolition of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or mixed-material structures including foundations
  • Demolition of steel structures