Landfill Reclamation

Landfill reclamation can be understood as bringing a site affected by human activity into line with the surrounding area and restoring the terrain’s functionality in terms of its intended use.

The aim of reclamation is to minimise the amount of leakage, to secure the landfill against undesirable development of landfill gas, appropriate land modelling and planting the surface, which, among else, improves the ecological stability of the landscape and helps restoring the land fund.

Landfill reclamation is carried out in accordance with the Czech standard no. 83 8035 on the “Landfill closure and reclamation” and in accordance with the “Reclamation plan”.

DEKONTA, a.s. specialises in particular in reclamation of technically unsecured old landfills. We offer the following services

We offer:

  • Verifying the possibility of EU funding and processing subsidy applications
  • Elaboration of project documentation, including risk analysis
  • Landscaping and reclamation works

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