Environmental emergency

DEKONTA provides environmental emergency response service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the Czech Republic

Environmental Emergency Call 24/7 

(+420) 602 686 622

We guarantee departure of an emergency vehicle within 30 minutes from receiving the information about an emergency situation

DEKONTA’s emergency unit resolves all sorts of environmental emergencies:

  • Oil spills
  • Chemical accidents
  • Soil remediation
  • Groundwater and surface water remediation
  • Disposal of hazardous waste and toxic chemicals

We provide expert risk assessment, with free telephone consultation.

Our staff:

  • 36 active members of the Fire Protection Unit JPO DEKONTA on standby
  • 14 specialists of DEKONTA´s Environmental Emergency Service Division (chemistry, hydrogeology), out of which 3 on standby
  • Climbing team specialised in industrial climbing

All staff is regularly trained to work in toxic environment, environment with atmospheric hazards and explosive environments.

Machinery and equipment:

  • Off-road emergency vehicles
  • Emergency motor boats
  • Earthwork machinery
  • ADR tank trucks
  • Aircraft
  • Pump technologies for pumping of hazardous chemicals
  • Protective equipment for working with toxic chemicals
  • Decontamination equipment and devices
  • Chemical substance detectors (Raman spectrometer, URAD, PID)
  • Electronic databases of dangerous substances

DEKONTA also offers training of client’s employees.

In accordance with Act No. 239/2000 Coll. on the Integrated Rescue System CR, DEKONTA has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Interior CR – General Directorate of Fire and Rescue Service CR, contract no.  PO – 2801/IZS – 2006.

In January 10, 2002, DEKONTA Fire Protection Unit was established.

Since March 15, 2003, DEKONTA has been part of the TRINS system (Transport Information and Accident System) as a Regional Centre No. 27.

Since July 1, 2004, DEKONTA has been included in the ZBS HMP – Emergency Security System of the capital city of Prague.

Since July 1, 2014, on the basis of decision of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, DEKONTA has been a holder of license No. 1/2014 for the handling of highly hazardous chemicals pursuant to Act No. 19/1997 Coll.