Industrial cleaning

DEKONTA’s Environmental Emergency Response unit specialises, among else, in industrial cleaning.


  • Cleaning of tanks from hazardous chemicals
  • Cleaning and disposal of liquid waste from drip pans and car washes
  • Decontamination of various industrial plants
  • Work in heights and confined spaces
  • Continuous monitoring of the presence of toxic gases and flammable material in the atmosphere
  • Extraction and disposal of flammable vapours by catalytic combustion
  • Providing assistance of DEKONTA’s Fire Protection Unit for works with increased risk of fire

Specialised techniques and equipment

  • ADR FL tank, made of stainless steel, for pumping and transport of flammable and aggressive liquids
  • High-pressure water
  • High-pressure water cleaners
  • Steam generators
  • Catalytic incinerators
  • Mobile centrifuge for separation of heterogeneous mixtures
  • Thermal-desorption unit