Waste treatment at the customer

In order to reduce the total costs of waste disposal, we offer comprehensive services related to treatment of waste directly on site.

Processing of waste to a raw material that can be further used:

  • Crushing and sorting of building debris;
  • Use of high-caloric wastes as an alternative fuel.

Reducing the amount of waste produced:

  • Separation of liquid phases of the waste (by means of centrifugation, pressure filtration, sedimentation, hydrocyclons);
  • Washing of coarse solid waste containing heavy metals;
  • Pelletisation of dust;
  • Seperation of unwanted components from the waste.

Reducing the hazardous content of the waste:

  • Biotechnological treatment of solid as well as liquid waste and sludge containing petroleum substances;
  • Stabilisation/solidification of dust, sludge and other waste;
  • Venting of waste containing volatile organic compounds;
  • Thermal desorption;
  • Chemical treatment (oxidation, reduction, neutralisation);
  • Liquid waste treatment;
  • Waste homogenisation.

If you are not sure what technology would best address your concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will suggest the most suitable solution. We can also help with verifying the possibility of EU funding and prepare the subsidy application.