In-situ and Ex-situ Remediation

We are able to apply various proven and innovative in-situ and ex-situ remediation technologies. In situ technologies can be directly applied at the contaminated site, without a need of pumping or excavation of the contaminated matrices. Our offer can be divided into 2 major groups based on the primary mechanism by which treatment is achieved:

  • Physical/Chemical (soil vapor extraction, solidification/stabilization, thermal desorption, chemical oxidation, chemical reduction)
  • Biological (bioventing, phytoremediation, and monitored natural attenuation)  

Ex situ remediation technologies includes excavation and transportation of the contaminated soil and construction debris to appropriate treatment facility.

At Dekonta we provide:


  • Thermal technologies (transfer of pollutants from the soil to a gas phase thanks to our indirect thermal desorption plant)
  • Biological solutions (bioremediation, landfarming, composting, biopiling and the use of bioreactors)