Belarus / Puhovichy and Chevren districts

Belarus: Puhovichy Solid Waste Management Project, Supplementary Technical Study


Solid waste management environmental consultancy, ESIA, EA

Project description

The project was implemented as a part of a solid waste management project funded by EBRD for the Puhovichy and Cherven districts in Belarus. The main components of the Project included: (i) the
construction of an EU compliant regional sanitary landfill, (ii) sorting facility, (iii) a composting facility, and (iv) vehicles and equipment for improvement of the waste collection system.

Type of services

The main tasks implemented by DEKONTA were:
  • Field missions to relevant additional municipalities and the proposed landfill locations in order to collect the necessary information and data
  • Based on all available data (geological, hydrogeological, biological, social impacts, transportation and other technical requirements recommend most suitable site for the new landfill construction
  • Environmental and social impact assessment evaluation
  • Assess the possibility of landfill gas extraction and energy production
  • Carry out a greenhouse gas (“GHG”) assessment of the project, including the pre-investment GHG emissions in CO2 and post-investment increase or decrease in emissions
  • Prepare a summary table for the Bank including project benefits expected in line with Bank monitoring indicators


Belarus / Puhovichy and Chevren districts

Value of the contract

150,000 EUR


European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
One Exchange Square

Contact person

Mr. Jan Johansson


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors