Belarus / Vitebsk

Belarus, Vitebsk Solid Waste Project, Feasibility Study


solid waste management environmental consultancy, ESIA, EA

Project description

The main objective of this project is to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study (“FS”) of the construction of a new landfill and improvement of the waste management and recycling structure. The FS will be used to determine a priority investment programme (the “PIP”) and evaluate its benefits, including assessing its environmental and social feasibility.

Type of services

Among other tasks, the project required the consultant to prepare an Environmental & Social Assessment (ESA), of the planned activities. DEKONTA is a member of the consortium responsible for this task.


Belarus / Vitebsk

Value of the contract

150,000 EUR

Staff functions

Vojtech Musil - Project Supervisor

Pavel Vesely - Project Manager


European Bank for Reconstruction & Development -
Czech Trust Fund

Contact person

Mr. Jan Johansson


Jan Vaněk, MBA
Head of Environmental Projects Division and Member of the Board of Directors